“Flip The Switch” On Pain…


Revolutionary NEW Product Helps Flip The “Self-Soothing Switch” In Your Body

“Flip The Switch” On Pain…


Revolutionary NEW Product Helps Flip The “Self-Soothing Switch” In Your Body

It’s Time to Soothe, Not Struggle.

When pain happens, modern medicine typically gives you two options: “fight” it, or deal with it.

But what if there were a different choice--a third choice?

A choice that calls forth the amazing powers laying dormant inside your body. The power to soothe itself---naturally. 

A choice that virtually eliminates…

... messy creams 
… harsh chemicals
… and complicated protocols

Now, that’d be a great third choice, yeah?

If you agree, then I’ve got good news to share with you on this page right now. 

You see, despite what “they” want you to believe...

Fighting Pain Isn’t The Answer

And neither is suffering.

The answer, I believe, is to tap into our body’s natural ability to soothe itself. To “flip on” the body’s own “self-soothing switch”. 


Nature to The Rescue--Again...

Hi, I’m Rachel Koenig, founder of My Green Gardener…

I’m also a mother, alternative wellness advocate, and a passionate believer in nature’s ability to help restore our bodies from the inside out.

And I know I’m in good company.

Millions of people are waking up to the fact that mainstream pain management doesn’t always work, and it didn’t work for me, either…

After spending months trying to manage my own regular back discomfort after having my first child…

I knew I had to find something safer, more reliable, and more effective than over-the-counter “solutions”.

So as a last-ditch effort at the end of a long, disappointing road with harsh pharmaceuticals and complicated natural protocols…

I turned to a controversial yet powerful natural ingredient that seems to flip the self-soothing switch in our bodies. 

What is it?

It’s a unique combination of  compounds found in the Hemp plant. 

Yes, hemp. 

And after everything I’ve learned in the process through piles of research and personal testing… I’d recommend anyone dealing with pain do the same.

Seriously. Here’s why...

Hemp Seems to Be an Effective Way to Help Many People Turn On Their 
“Self-Soothing Switch”...

You see, hemp contains a host of powerful plant compounds that turn on our body’s “self-soothing switch”.

Those compounds influence our body’s pain and pleasure receptors to switch on the body’s natural ability to “self-soothe”…

Which makes natural pain management much easier than “mainstream medicine” would have you think.

But Here’s Where Things Get Sticky: Not All Hemp Is Created Equal...

You’re probably expecting me to say using hemp immediately changed my life, like all the other buzz you hear online…
So just increase the dose, right? 

Well, that’s part of it.

Truth is, most hemp products on the market don’t contain enough of those special, “self-soothing” compounds I mentioned...

In fact, most manufacturers simply isolate just one part of the hemp plant, call it “pure”, and sell it for a premium price.

They’re even called “Isolates”!

The problem is, it’s only when those special plant compounds are used together that they create a physical or psychological impact on the body.
And a single compound on its own simply can’t recreate it. 

That’s because the more natural hemp compounds there are in any type of hemp solution, the easier it is for our body to get the message2.

This concept flies in the face of everything “wellness rebels” like you and I know…

One 100% pure ingredient is better than lots of ingredients, right?

Not when it comes to hemp.
And studies confirm this over and over again…
So why ignore the research?
That’s why I set out to develop a hemp formula that actually delivers what it promises…

So you can live in the moment more of the time

And manage pain symptoms on the-go.

My formula contains some of the highest-potency, full-spectrum hemp available on the market…

Plus, it includes a handful of other deeply soothing ingredients you won’t find in most “regular” hemp blends.

And Real People Are Getting Real Results…

“10/10 would
recommend it…”

“I had back surgery years ago and still wake up stiff and in pain, with occasional worse flare ups. CannaBlu definitely helps to lessen those acute flare-ups. And I found it relieved tension with regular use. 10/10 would recommend it.” 
— Jude H. Boca Raton, FL

“The Dull Ache In My Left Leg Subsided...”

“I’m very active so it’s normal for me to have some aches and pains. I was given a sample of CannaBlu. Within less than a minute of applying it to my left leg where I often have a deep ache, like a toothache, I could feel the tingling effect that made me think something was happening. Fast-forward about 20 minutes and 
I felt the effects – the dull ache in my left leg subsided. Easy to apply 
and it worked” 
 — Marie C, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“This has me moving 

“Relief Right Away! I have the usual aches and pains along with some old injuries, but this has me moving again. It gives a cool, relaxing feeling to my muscles. It has a pleasant mint scent that disappears when it dries. I like that it’s all natural and gives me instant relief, right where I need it.” 
 — Connie F., West Palm Beach, FL

Now You Can Help Your Body Soothe Pain On the Spot With This High-Dose, Full-Spectrum Roll-On Formula

Unlike many of the “cheaper” formulas on the market, which contain only isolated hemp…

The CannaBlu Roll-On uses a "Full Spectrum" hemp formula which includes the full range of healing compounds found in natural hemp: the entourage effect.

Its special “Blue Dream” blend of natural, aromatic oils and compounds from the hemp plant help provide a targeted dose of soothing pain management properties3...

And a soft, classic “Mary Jane” scent.

To quickly deliver deep, targeted comfort, we made CannaBlu into an easy roll-on that you can apply directly to the source of pain.

No pills, no messy, smelly creams... just quick, soothing comfort the minute you need it.

The CannaBlu roll-on helps provide natural support for...

  • Sore muscles after high-impact activities
  • An aching back or neck, or “tech neck”
  • Relaxing leg cramps for a good night’s sleep
  • Taking the edge off headaches and tension
  • Helping to soothe joint pain all day long

Or simply for getting out ahead of “trouble areas” before they act up.

It helps you get back to living in the moment...

Because those precious moments are all we have.

This Ultra-Potent Formula Also Contains 4 More Key Ingredients for the Most Potent Comfort You’ve Ever Experienced

Emu Oil

Besides our Blue Dream blend, Emu Oil is what helps this formula outshine the rest. 

In clinical studies, Emu Oil is shown to penetrate through layers of the skin much deeper than other, similar carrier oils…

And even carries its own soothing properties to accelerate the effects of hemp in this special blend 4.


Nearly every cell in our body thrives on magnesium… but the best way to replenish it is actually through our skin rather than through the digestive tract5.

Magnesium helps relax our muscles, and helps soothe overall tension, making it nature’s “chill pill”6... and an obvious addition to this powerhouse of comforting ingredients.


For an even bigger boost of natural pain management, CannaBlu also includes MSM, a powerful anti-inflammatory compound.

Research overwhelmingly demonstrates MSM’s ability to help soothe sore joints and muscles when used topically7.



Finally, CannaBlu contains natural menthol to provide its unmistakable cooling effect.

In a number of studies, menthol-based topicals were more effective than ice for relieving muscle soreness while at rest or during muscle contractions8

Making it the perfect addition to this unrivaled formula.

Developed With Advanced “Nano” Technology, You Get Exactly What You Need When You Need It 

Unlike traditional hemp oil, only 6% of which can actually get through cell membranes, CannaBlu uses a proprietary, “nano-emulsion”...

That means we “shrink” hemp particles down so they can cross the skin’s protective barrier… making it up to 15x more absorbable in our clinical trials.

So you get real on-the-spot soothing comfort unmatched by most “regular” hemp.

This Is For You If…

  • You feel like you’ve tried everything under the sun to manage everyday pain symptoms, including other hemp “solutions”...
  • You live an active lifestyle and want something you can feel good about using on your skin on a regular basis...
  • You need some help taking the edge off of leg cramps, back pain, or other discomfort at night so you can have a better night’s sleep
  • You’re tired of trying endless “natural protocols” that don’t seem to work

Or you simply want an easy way to get out ahead of pain, stress, and tension before it starts.

And all you have to do is say “maybe”...

Today, You Can Try CannaBlu With Our 
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Taking control of pain should be easy, and you deserve peace of mind. So if you’re not satisfied for any reason-- or no reason at all-- let us know within 90 days of purchase and we’ll refund every penny. 

And because you found this page, you can get our CannaBlu Roll-On at an exclusive discount right now!

So now that you know how special this formula is, and all the research, science, and effort that went into it…

You’re probably thinking, okay, this is great and all… But how do I get some?

You may even be wondering, can I really rely on this to give me the relief I need when I need it?

Those are great questions!

Here’s the thing…

My goal is to make sure this special formula can help millions of men and women someday…

But as much as I want that, I have to be honest…

We make CannaBlu in small batches to keep a close eye on quality in every single bottle. 

And between that and the thousands of people who swear by this stuff…

We are constantly running low.

It’s an ongoing fight to keep it in stock! But we haven’t come this far to compromise.

We’d rather run low sometimes than give you generic, white-labeled hemp with a fraction of the benefits you could have...

So if you’re seeing this right now, you may be in luck, and I’ll show you how to get your hands on a fresh new bottle!

Also, if pain is something you deal with on a regular basis, then I personally suggest you start with a 3-month supply of CannaBlu (our best option)...

That way, you’re covered if we run out.

Plus, When You Act Now, You’ll Receive Our Complete Library of Hemp Resources to Learn More About This Powerful Plant… Completely Free! ($97 Value)

These guides will teach you easy-to-follow, hemp-based recipes PLUS more practical ways to use hemp for healthier living at any age.

Inside you’ll find...

Hemp Secrets Volume 1: Your Ultimate Guide to Managing Pain Naturally

  • Master the art of crafting your own, natural hemp-based protocols
  • Understand how hemp affects every part of the body
  • Learn everything you need to know about dosage, and how to figure out just how much your body needs

Miracle Oil: Unlocking the Power of Your Body’s “Hidden Nervous System”

  • Find out what Big Pharma is up to and why hemp is REALLY such a controversial topic
  • Uncover simple ways to use hemp to help improve the quality of your life at any age
  • See how hemp is making big strides in mainstream medicine and what that means for those who suffer from pain, chronic illnesses, and more

The Plant-to-Table Guide 

  • Learn how to make hemp extractions to preserve the most important parts of the plant for recipes
  • Get step-by-step instructions for creating your own hemp-based tinctures, soothing foods, and healthy hemp beverages
  • Discover different kinds of hemp, the benefits of each, and how they grow

That’s another $97 of value for free! 

Now, with everything that goes into CannaBlu, I know we could easily offer it for upwards of $100 a bottle…

But when you’re in pain, you shouldn’t have to pay that much for a better option.

So today, you can stock up on CannaBlu and your free bonus content for just a fraction of that price.

Choose Your Savings







And Remember! Your Purchase Is Backed By Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

If you don’t experience more targeted, reliable comfort in the next 90 days… 

We’ll give you your money back, no questions asked!

Now, You Really Have 3 Options…

You could leave this page. But after what you’ve learned about how easy it can be to manage pain on your own terms… I’d be surprised if you did that. So you could continue down the same path, hoping and wishing there was a better way to manage pain, but then you’d be right where you started...

You could take what you’ve learned here, and go research hundreds of other hemp products to see which one is best. But you’d be wasting a lot of time, because the reason I created CannaBlu is precisely because the “best” out there just wasn’t good enough to deliver real benefits for people in pain.

You can decide RIGHT NOW that today is the day you’re going to take control of pain management and start tapping into the power of hemp. Life could be so much easier for you with this ONE decision...

You can decide RIGHT NOW that today is the day you’re going to take control of pain management and start tapping into the power of hemp. Life could be so much easier for you with this ONE decision...

The choice is yours…

Ready to feel the difference?

YES! I want to manage pain with the soothing power of hemp!

About The Green Gardener 

The Green Gardener was founded in 2018 with the purpose of providing alternative wellness education and products for consumers who do not want to rely on mainstream medicine for common ailments that can be helped with hemp.

We believe knowledge is power and everyone deserves easy access to the most current knowledge about alternative wellness options. We sort through the clutter and mixed messages, and we want to show the world how hemp can help us live healthier and happier lives.


Will this interact with any topical medications I use for pain?
CannaBlu is safe for most people. But as always, it’s best to consult your doctor if you have questions about possible drug interactions. 
Does this have a strong scent?
No! Unlike topical pain relievers that often feature strong, noticeable scents, our CannaBlu has a soft menthol and classic “Mary Jane” scent.
Are there any psychoactive effects?
No! This has absolutely no psychoactive effects. 
Is this safe for kids to use?
CannaBlu is intended for adult use only.
How soon will I feel it working?
Most people feel CannaBlu effects within 10-20 minutes of use!


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